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Accommodation Lviv Lviv is a large center of Western Ukraine with a population of 870 000 people.

In the last years there is a tendency of hotel business development thanks to the large number of tourists.

Nowadays Lviv hotels offer comfortable conditions and good service, but only some of them can satisfy the customers with their needs at reasonable prices. Accommodation Lviv hotels cannot accept all the guests, because of the increasing number of tourists.

That’s why Apartment in Lviv is a good alternative to provide all the tourists with good living conditions at budget prices.

Calling in our company Accommodation Lviv you can choose from cheap to luxury apartments in the central part of the city only.

Our prices are much lower than Hotels’ Ukraine Lviv prices as most of the offered apartments are the property of the company, so that is the reason why you don’t need to pay for the service additionally. How to book? Choose an apartment in Lviv you like and click Book.

Fill in the customer information and click Send.

Your request will be processed by our manager within 24 hours.

You will get the confirmation letter or you’ll be offered another Lviv apartment at the same level.

You can book an apartments rent Lviv Ukraine online or by phone.

Offered apartments are those which are free on dates you need.

Any time they can be reserved by other customers or agencies. That’s why, if you like the apartment, please, book it immediately. Booking conditions You can book any of the apartments in Lviv, hotels Ukraine Lviv, excursion in Ukraine Lviv on a specific date under such circumstances that you will rent it for a term of 2 days or more.

If you want to rent an apartment for just 1 day, we do not guarantee the booking of the apartment in advance. In this case our company offer you three opportunities of check-in:

  • You can pay for 2 days and make a guaranteed booking for any apartment on our site.
  • You can send a request, and if there is a free apartment between two booking dates (for example, apartment will be free on a day of your arrival), we will guarantee you the specific apartment for a term of 3 days, not less.
  • You may call us on day you arrive in Lviv, and we’ll offer you free apartments at this time. Our manager will tell the address and final cost at time you arrive. We don’t guarantee a 100% that we will be able to settle you in a fixed apartment, but from our experience, we have success in 99%.

A great demand of Lviv apartments is observed from April to September, so book apartments 7 days in advance, please.

Prepayment is compulsory for the guarantees of your check-in. Cheking-in Policy

Checking-in with pets

Residence with pets in apartments rent Lviv Ukraine is strictly forbidden.

If you plan to bring pets, you must inform our manager about it in advance.

If you check-in with a pet not being permitted before, you will be refused in checking-in. The deposit will not be returned.

Check-in with pets is possible. Please, let know the master prior your arrival and get the permission.


When you arrive in Lviv, please call us and we will tell you the address of apartment, where our manager will be waiting for you.

All the apartments in Lviv are located in the central part of the city. So, when you arrive in Lviv, it’s better to take a taxi. Payment options Full payment is due on arrival for your accommodation booked.

You have to sign a rent agreement, then you’ll get the keys, address and phone number of apartment.

When you check-out, our manager comes to take back the keys and checks the state of accommodation.

The check-out time must be coordinated with our manager in advance.

The cost includes:

  • cold & hot water;
  • electricity;
  • linen and towels are provided;
  • there is phone supplied.

Also additional fee for the sevice of our company is included. Long short term staying

Short term bookings

Apartments in Lviv is a good alternative to hotels Ukraine Lviv. The apartments are provided with all the necessary conveniences.

Such apartments you can rent from 2 to 30 days. The price is as per day cost.

The total cost includes: fresh linen & towels supplied, electricity, hot and cold water, kitchen equipment, phone/internet connection.

You can book the apartment in Lviv online or by phone.

Mid term bookings

You can book an apartment for 1,2 or 3 months. Such apartments cost less than those for short term stay.

All the apartments have kitchen equipment, fresh linen and towels supplied. The cleaning service is provided in most apartments.

There is additional fee for our service, but all these are included in the total cost.

The total cost doesn’t include: electricity, phone/internet connection. You can book an apartment for 1 month or more in advance on our site.

Long term bookings

Apartments for long term stay are those which you can book on our site for 3 months and more (even for some years).

Monthly cost for long term stay – is a cost of masters of apartments.

It doesn’t include additional fee for the service of our company. Most of masters take a prepayment for 2 months.

Apartments for long term staying usually are not provided with the linen and towels. Also cleaning service is not provided.

Cost includes: public utilities.

Cost doesn’t include: phone/internet connection, electricity. Also additional fee for the service of our company is not included.

You can’t reserve such apartment in advance, only in due when arriving or by your representatives prior to arrival. Cancellation Policy Deposit will not be returnedin case you’re cancelling your reservation or not arriving.

Prepayment won’t be turned back in case you’re changing the date of arrival.

In that case the previous booking for apartment in Lviv is cancelled and apartment is reserved on new dates.

If you check-out before the agreed date, the paid ammount won’t be returned. Obtaining your prepayment, master rejects to other customers, who wish to rent an apartment at the same time.

In case you are not arriving, prepayment will not be returned at any reason. Checking-out policy


Check-out time is always coordinated in advance.

There is an informative sheet of paper with the office phones and taxi phone numbers on it in all apartments Lviv.

The presence of our manager is obligatory to check you out.

The manager checks the state of accommodation, takes the keys and gives you confirmed documents for your secure if it’s necessary. Guarantees of safe booking Our company Apartment in Lviv exist from 2005. All the photos of apartments on our site are fully true.

Visiting the book of reviews, you will see many positive testimonials about apartment rent Lviv Ukraine.

In case of unforeseen circumstances (there is no illuminations in a house, breakage of caldron of heating, disrepair of water pump, broken glass in an apartment etc), we will offer you another apartment at the same level.

Our managers will contact you and do everything to solve the problems.

It’s very important for us to make all the customers satisfied with the service of our company. Safety of residence The company Lviv apartment always takes care of the safety residence of the customers.

Our company offers apartments rent Lviv Ukraine only in the central part of the city.

The center of Lviv is perfectly secured historical – architectural part of the city; the offices of large companies and state organizations, shopping centers and shops are mainly concentrated here.

Employees of our organization apartment Lviv passed a strict selection and they are constantly instructed for the purpose to make the residence of tourists safety.

Co-operating with law enforcement authorities of Lviv, instruction of behavior of tourist in case of force-majeure situation is a mortgage of safety of residence in our apartments in Lviv.

When you checking-in, our manager examines your passport and store all the necessary information in database for your security (information is confidential).

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