Festivals & Events

August 2011
Independence Day

Musical traditions are also represented by the unique musical instruments. The number and variety of cultures and colors in Lviv streets is unforgettably impressive.

September 2011
XVIII Publishers’ Forum
14-18 вересня 2011 року відбудеться 18-ий Міжнародний книжковий «Форум видавців у Львові» – найголовніша і найочікуваніша в Україні книжкова, літературна, культурна подія року. В рамках «Форуму видавців у Львові», як завжди, – і улюблені традиційні заходи, і багато новацій.

Coffee Fest
Lviv has always been famous as the city of coffee. On the 23th-25th of September the coffee culture of our city the Third festival of coffee will promote. Bathed in the aroma of coffee, you can taste the drinks and enjoy the conversations that are integral attributes of the coffee culture.

October 2011
Golden Lion
The Golden Lion is not just a street festival, but a European theatrical tradition, and one of the most prestigious forums of Ukraine. It was founded in our city back in 1989. Since that time, it has been transforming the streets of Lviv into a theatre every October, granting vivid impressions and creating a feeling of a true carnival.

The longest organ music festival in Ukraine will take place in Lviv. The task of the new festival is to return the honourable title of the organ music centre to Lviv and present high artistic traditions. The list of participants is always a good testimony to the “star” level of the festival.

November 2011
Second Tourism Conference in Lviv “Win With The Lion” 2010
“City tourism: creating win-win situations for stakeholders”; because we believe that everyone will benefit if we all consider creating win-win situations and partnerships among so many stakeholders of the tourism industry in the city.

December 2011
Lviv Christmas Fair
The Annual Christmas Fair is a center of celebration, which offers many interesting events: carols, games, sweets and mulled wine, a traditional Ukrainian meal “varenyky”, souvenirs and presents, and of course a warm festive atmosphere.
International festival “Jazz Bez”
Jazz Bez – One of the most famous & long-term jazz festivals of our country that has managed not only to live  successfully for 10 years but it used every one year  to increase its  audience, to invite prominent musicians   from all over the world and to involve new & new cities into the jazz movement .

January 2012
Christmas in Lviv
Lviv has always been noted for its adherence to the traditional Ukrainian culture, and that is why the celebrations of Christmas in Lviv surrounded by a special charm here. The people of Lviv cherish the customs of the past, but they also like new kinds of entertainment stylized to resemble the archaic ones.

Doughnut Festival
On the 8-9 of January, the inner courtyard of City Hall will be filled with the great aroma of a huge number of home-baked doughnuts, and there will be a very warm homey atmosphere. All guests will have the chance to learn the history and the best recipes of this delicious Christmas dish as well as just have a really good time.
February 2012
Day of Chocolate
This year during the festival there would be an improvisational chocolate factory, the best confectioners will demonstrate the complicated process of chocolate making for everyone to see.

March 2012
Taras Shevchenko’s Birthday
In spite of questionable ratings, Taras Shevchenko remains the spiritual father and mentor for all Ukrainians. He is also a reference in the literary and artistic sphere, and everyone can learn to appreciate his poems, prose, and artistic representations.

Lviv Fashion Week
It has become a tradition in Lviv to host Fashion Weeks in the spring and fall each year. For three days, you will be appraising up to thirty collections of Ukrainian and foreign designers. Fashion-shows are followed by exhibitions of contemporary art – paintings, drawings, photography, thus creating the overall special artistic atmosphere of the events.
April 2012
Easter in Lviv
Easter is a family holiday in Ukraine and Lviv is the best place to feel this atmosphere. It is only here that the family spirit is present in each temple, on every square and in each street where traditional Easter folklore celebrations, fairs, concerts and theater performances take place. World renown Ukrainian Easter eggs, embroidery, ceramics, decorations, woodcarvings attract the guests of the Easter Markets.

“Flugery L’vova” (“Weather-Vanes of Lviv”) – the 9th International Jazz Festival
The 9th Ethno-jazz festival “Flugery Lvova” is the most exquisite and extraordinary event in the city. And as usual the event will be happening in the very heart of Lviv- in the City Hall Courtyard.
Year after year, it is expands and the amount of its participants – ethno and jazz bands – grows.
May 2012
The 5th City Holiday “The Batyar’s Day” (Rascal Day)
Taking part in the Batyar’s Day program visitors and citizens easily catch the special feeling of the immortal Lviv spirit and the old city humor. Concerts of Batyars’ bands, different comedy competitions, and quizzes for children, a retro movie festival, Batyars’ song and dance master-classes for everybody, as well as tasty refreshments and drinks are everywhere to enjoy for all the participants of the city holiday.

“Lviv – the Capital of Handicrafts” Festival
Lviv has always been famous for its craftsmen in Europe. The traditional festival of Lviv handicrafts is not only a fair but a presentation of the craft guilds, direct personal contacts with well-known artists, master classes, open-air exhibitions and entertainments everywhere in the city historical center.
Lviv City Day, Parade-Carnival
“Where else can it be so good for us?” This symbolic question is answered every year during the Lviv City festivities by the simple phrase: “Only in Lviv.” A great number of original events have become representative of this day, such as, street theater productions, dancing and entertainment, festivals : “Lviv – Handicraft Capital”, or “Street Music”.

The 30th International Musical Festival “Virtuosi”
Every year, the Virtuosos Lviv International Musical Festival, which can already boast almost a thirty-year-long history, gathers a record-breaking number of world-level music stars. Every concert is a truly significant event.

June 2012
“Young Talents in Ward of King Danylo” Festival of young painters
Each year the festival invites more than 500 hundred talented Ukrainian children to take part in the open-air painting session in Lviv.
Alfa Jazz Fest 2012
Alfa Jazz Fest is a festival on an international scale that will take place in Lviv. The festival will not only bring the world’s best jazz artists together; it will plunge the city into the spirit of European-level music performance during an incredible summer weekend. A huge jazz-wave will sweep over the old town, covering its highest roofs with excitement and euphoria. New traditions will arise: Lviv will overflow with groovy jazz that will become a trademark of the city. From now on Europe will open its summer fests under Lviv blue sky with Alfa Jazz.

“Fairy-Tale in the Groove” – The 8th theater festival for children
In front of the old village cottages and on the picturesque lawns the heroes of the fairy tales revive. Old Leo, Kind Fairy and Hayovyk (Kind Wood Goblin) invite little kids to participate in the show. The “Entertainment Glade” and “Tale-Narrators’ Glade” are offering children funny games and meetings with the famous fairy tale narrators and fabulists.
Join the game and feel yourself a child while visiting the museum!
Beer Feast
10th-12th of June 2012 Second Beer Feast will take place. The main element of the festival is an ethno-theatrical programme that makes this feast different from other beer festivals organized ever before. The celebration is based on folk music, dances and games combined with sampling various beer brands.

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